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WorkSafe New Zealand and the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment (MBIE) have appointed Safety ‘n Action to provide FREE nationwide transition training to eligible Health & Safety Representatives (HSRs).

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  • As all good things do, Government funded transition training has come to an end. Thanks to all those who participated, we hope you enjoyed your course!

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Safety ‘n Action are proudly educating all workplaces in New Zealand about the impending changes to our Health and Safety law.

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For Health & Safety Reps

Completing the transition training course will enable you to use the new powers of an HSR. Free transition training is being provided by Safety‘n Action in partnership with WorkSafe New Zealand.

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For Everyone

Proposed changes will impact every workplace in New Zealand, affecting directors, managers, employees and volunteers alike. Everyone is welcome to register for our HSR Safety Hub to access the latest news and recommendations.
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Get instant access to a variety of exclusive educational tools, all designed to help you become accustomed to new H&S regulations, worker participation and engagement requirements.


Discussion Forums

Got a tricky question about the new laws? Chat directly with Safety ‘n Action and our qualified advisors who can clarify anything you throw their way! Speak to others in your industry and find out how they plan to adapt their processes & policies.


Safety Knowledge Hub

Browse and search an extensive range of easy to read articles on every aspect of the law change. Legislation can appear to be complex, but it doesn’t have to be! We’ve brought together all of the key information you need to know before next year.


Transition Training

As an HSR, register your eligibility for Free transition training. As a Manager/Supervisor, refer your HSRs to register. Later this year, book face-to-face training sessions, as well as complete online training modules to get certified.


Industry Case Studies

If you’re in the forestry industry, you want information applicable to your industry, not someone else’s. Safety ‘n Action is an advocate of real world training. We will provide critical information specific to your industry and core business ahead of the law change.


HSR Myths Busted

While HSRs have new responsibilities under the new law, there is still confusion and misinformation being purveyed. We’ll clear things up and conclusively bust myths about new HSR roles and functions so everyone is on the same page!


Video Library

Sit back and watch interviews with industry leaders, on-site workplace presentations and demonstrations of best practice. Our library is regularly updated with fresh content. Let us know what you want to see next!

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Worker Participation and Engagement: the key to a safe work site

While the Health and Safety at Work Act will bring several major changes. One of the most critical is Worker Participation and Engagement in health and safety matters. You will be provided with the bare facts in the HSR Safety Hub. Sign Up Now to learn more.

  • Who do i need to engage with?


    Across-the-board health & safety participation and engagement

    A Person Conducting a Business of Undertaking (PCBU) must engage with workers who work for their business, or those that are directly or likely to be directly affected by a Health and Safety matter. This includes volunteers and other contractors working on-site. So when and how do you engage? Get the simple facts here.

  • Why is it so important?


    Actively manage risks in your business

    A key reason for the law change is so that all workers can have a say on matters that will affect their health and safety. Effective engagement will increase company-wide awareness about best practice and reduce the potential of accidents and liability. Engagement means talking and listening to workers and others about their concerns. This is particularly valuable at key times such as changes to processes, systems and work environments. PCBU’s can learn how to make engagement work to their advantage.

  • Effective practices


    Ensure active worker participation and engagement in a number of ways

    Depending what suits their workplace best, a PCBU could comply with its duty by having HSRs or a Health & Safety Committee – or both. Or they might have neither (if not required by law) and rely on more informal practices instead. These might include regular toolbox talks, having health and safety as a regular agenda item at team meetings, or another feedback mechanism so staff have a clear way of raising any health and safety concerns.

  • HSR Powers & Functions


    HSRs get more power to ensure workplace safety

    Health and Safety Representatives are workers themselves, not experts in work health and safety. Their job is to represent their fellow workers on health and safety matters. The new laws will give HSRs stronger powers and functions, such as: making recommendations on health and safety practices in a workplace, being able to get relevant information and enter and inspect the workplace.

Free transition training will be made available in early 2016



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Avatar“Thanks to both Kevin and Mark, I feel a lot more confident in my new role. Having a small group gave us the opportunity to take time to discuss topics in depth.”
Avatar“I loved how you delivered your messages and your appropriate humour. You understand people and have an impressive wealth of knowledge.”